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Teen Leadership Master Class

You Are A Leader

Identify and Develop your Positive Traits

Parents and Teens welcome to attend this interactive session

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Teen Leadership Master Class

Saturday, April 17th

10am PT | 12pm CT | 1pm ET

Parents and Teens Welcome

Saturday, April 17th @ 10am PT

Join our FREE 1-hour Master Class 

  • Learn how to pinpoint your personal traits that can establish you as a student leader.  We all have our own unique qualities that set us apart from anyone else!
  • Explore the 8 Keys of Excellence specifically for leadership.

  • Gain clarity and shift your perspective on what type of leader you are (and yes everyone IS a leader!) Define your vision to achieve direction and support in making choices that will get you where you want to go!
Led by Bobbi DePorter, President and Founder of Quantum Learning and SuperCamp, and Claude Mitchell, Lead Facilitator of SuperCamp.









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This free one-hour interactive experience is brought to you by SuperCamp, a world leader in youth achievement.

"Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence." — Sheryl Sandberg

Everyone is a leader. Learn what your strong personal traits are and how you can utilize them to level up your leadership skills. See how you can intentionally develop these areas to achieve what you want to. 

8 Keys of Excellence for leaders. Explore the 8 Keys as they help you develop your leadership.

2021 is a new year with new goals. We have an opportunity to focus in on what we want to accomplish, determine the steps needed to get there, and know how to measure our successes. We have a fool-proof formula to use while goal-setting to ensure personal accountability.  

During this one-hour session, increase your self-awareness in personal traits, confidence in leadership, and clarity on goal-setting. Securing these insights will help keep you on track to achieve college entrance and career success. Establishing this type of success inspires self-motivation and integrity!

You will leave this session with valuable tools on how to shift your mindset and embrace and overcome the challenges that come with college admissions, career selection, and leadership opportunities!

Led by Bobbi DePorter, President and Founder of Quantum Learning and SuperCamp, and Claude Mitchell, Lead Facilitator and curriculum developer at SuperCamp.

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Quantum Learning

Excellence in Teaching 

Virtual Course with Live Check-ins


During this course you'll learn the mindsets, models, vocabulary, theories and strategies that make Quantum Learning a dynamic and impactful approach to teaching and learning. In addition, you’ll apply Quantum Learning (QL) to your teaching through weekly Implementation Tasks.


To earn your Quantum Learning Educator Certification

● Complete each of the 45-60-minute modules with approximately 1 hour of implementation work. Each module contains

○ An Instructional Video explaining a QL topic, with examples and demonstrations

○ Readings from your Guidebook

○ Implementation Tasks known as iTASK

● Complete each iTASK and Learning Journal entry. The iTASKs guide you in the application of QL to your teaching practice. The Learning Journal entries capture your strengths, challenges, insights and next steps.

● Participate in 3 LIVE check-Ins. Through these 60-minute Zoom sessions we build alignment, collaboration, and skill-development. At the successful completion of the modules, your evidence of implementation through the iTASKs, and your journal entries, you receive your Quantum Learning Essentials Certificate.


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QL Excellence in Teaching

Virtual Course

with LIVE check-ins

Coming August 15th, 2020!

What Bobbi and Claude will cover during the 60-minute

Teen Leadership Master Class

During this Master Class, you'll gain insights on . . .

  1. How to identify your leadership traits!
  2. Building confidence and clarity about who you are.
  3. Your personal path to success.
  4. 8 Keys of Excellence for leaders.
  5. How to stay motivated
  6. How to set goals that you'll actually achieve!
I want in!


Saturday, April 17th

10 am PT | 12 pm CT | 1 pm ET


This Master Class will take place online using the video conference platform, Zoom, where you can access from the comfort of your home. 


This Master Class is for you if you are a:

  1. Teen who would like to gain clarity on who you are, define your leadership skills, and incorporate them to achieve confidence and motivation toward your goals.
  2. Parent who would like to learn these skills yourself or share them with your son or daughter.

 Limited capacity - Reserve your complimentary spot now

Saturday, April 17th

10 am PT | 12 pm CT | 1 pm ET

This Master Class will be presented by:


Bobbi DePorter, co-founder and president of Quantum Learning Network (QLN), is an early pioneer in the field of accelerated learning. Through her study and application, Quantum Learning teaching and learning methods were developed.

Her SuperCamp learning and life skills youth program, now in its 39th year, has over 85,000 students and is offered in fourteen countries. Her Quantum Learning Education division produces schoolwide programs for teachers, administrators, students, and parents, in thousands of schools and districts in the U.S., as well as training internationally.

Through these programs and the 8 Keys of Excellence movement, she has impacted millions of young people. Bobbi is the author of over a dozen books on teaching and learning.



Claude Mitchell is SuperCamp Lead Facilitator, the curriculum developer, and trainer.

A graduate of Fayetteville State University, he went on to teach high school science in his hometown of Winston-Salem, NC. Claude began his QLN experience in 2013 and transitioned to the SuperCamp home office in March 2019.

In his spare time, Claude enjoys riding his motorcycle, traveling, and dunking on strangers at the local gyms.

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