Programs for Students

These programs provide unique experiences that inspire and empower students to achieve their next level of excellence both academically and personally.


Teen Leadership Master Class

Identify and Develop your Positive Traits

COMPLIMENTARY one-hour session

Saturday, April 17th at 10 am PT

Join us for a complimentary Master Class session for parents and teens as we tackle your challenges that have come up during these times. Learn from our experts in facilitating academic and personal success about what skills and strategies can be utilized most effectively to find success in your new normal. 

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SuperCampU 2021

SuperCampU is a live, virtual 4-week* experience for students ages 11-18 created to combine the current needs of middle and high school students with our 40 years of experience in facilitating academic and personal success.

Explore 4 courses 

  • Self-driven Motivation and Leadership Now
  • Quantum Reading
  • Quantum Writing
  • Quantum Strategies

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8 Keys of Excellence Family Program 

The 8 Keys of Excellence Family Program is a self-paced course that dives into the 8 Keys of Excellence as a character-building and social emotional learning experience for the entire family. Make your time at home meaningful with these go-at-your-own-pace sessions.

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SuperCamp Learning and Life Skills Courses

Self-paced courses

Four self-paced virtual courses to choose from—or take them all! Create your own schedule. 

For students ages 11–18. Take the self-paced courses for year round support. Gain lifelong learning skills that support personal and academic success.

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Self-paced eCourse

Habits of an Excellent Learner

Learn how to excel in any and all areas of academics. 

  • Gain confidence while being more successful in learning any topic/subject
  • Embody strategies to increase understanding and memory
  • Develop effective routines to learn quickly with lasting results

Fun and engaging sessions are designed in "micro-lessons" to support focus and allow implementation of each strategy. Build understanding of how the brain learns, learn productive ways to maximize study time, and implement memory techniques that increase retention.

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Let's Grow Together

Student-centered programs have been the focus of Quantum Learning for nearly 40 years.

Founder of Quantum Learning, Bobbi DePorter, studied with Dr. Georgi Lozanov, the acknowledged founding father of accelerated learning, and Buckminster Fuller, renowned 20th century inventor and visionary. These profound learning experiences led to her creation of the Quantum Learning teaching methodology.

The Quantum Learning methodology contributes to the success of SuperCamp and school programs to this day, with students from more than 80 countries having attended programs. 

The program that started it all...


Since 1982, students have been participating in SuperCamp programs in 21+ different countries with more than 85,000 student graduates to date.

SuperCamp uses Quantum Learning teaching methods to help students build confidence and motivation, gain independence, make school easier, form authentic connections with peers, and also provides year-round resources for success long after camp.

SuperCamp participants—many of whom have never been taught how to learn effectively—consistently benefit from the brain-friendly academic strategies and life skills acquired during the in-person accelerated learning environment of residential SuperCamp programs.



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