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Take a STAND


in 2021

A 3-Day Journey to Discover What Sets You Apart

In College Admissions, Career Selection, and Leadership!

December 28, 29, and 30
For ages 14-18


Preparing for college, choosing a career, and becoming a leader in your chosen field requires knowing what’s special about you, the unique qualities that set you apart, and then using those unique qualities to present and facilitate with skill. This program, designed for students ages 14-18, will give you access to Quantum Learning’s high-level presentation skills.


This exclusive event will be held virtually and accessible from anywhere.

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  • Learn strategies from successful global facilitators to level-up your leadership
  • Craft your story and present it with authenticity
  • Define your voice and set yourself apart
  • Gain feedback from distinguished advisors with $4000 in prizes
  • Supports stand-out college admission and school leadership
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During this journey, students will get hands-on coaching from a SuperCamp facilitator to reach that next level of presentation skills to captivate their audience. They will learn how to create their personal statement that showcases their uniqueness and highlights their strengths, making college admission, career success, and becoming a true leader just natural outcomes of doing what they do best.

So what's in it for you?

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Get your Speak On

Learn how to effectively communicate to one person or to a room of 500 people (even if it's virtual!).

Our global facilitator training has served as the foundation upon which SuperCamp facilitators have been able to positively impact over 85,000 students. For the FIRST TIME EVER, we're pulling back the curtain and revealing those strategies for up-and-coming student leaders like YOU to use immediately!



Network with students from all over the world

Our programs have been produced for 39 years in 20+ different countries. Now is your chance to participate in this worldwide event with peers just like you!



Create Your Story

Discover what makes you stand out and if you already know, learn how to present yourself with confidence and authenticity! As our society is ever-changing and uncertain, one thing you can count on is your need to stand out from the rest. Gain clarity on your values, establish your intentions, and be proactive in uncovering your leadership characteristics. 






Win Prizes?!

That's right. On top of all this good stuff, you'll get a chance at winning high-value prizes! At the end of the three days, you'll have the (optional) opportunity to take all that you've learned, package it into your personal presentation, and deliver it to highly qualified advisory panel who can't wait to see you succeed. We're calling this time YOUtalk and it's your opportunity to shine! Score invaluable feedback to implement and continue your growth mindset. Those who participate will not only walk away with motivation and confidence to tackle any challenge, they'll get a chance to unlock these prizes:

  • A gift to attend SuperCamp 2021 ($3500 value)*
  • $250 in cash 💵 to use for university application fees
  • $195 SuperCamp merch package to support a successful school year 
*Gift for 2021 only and not redeemable as cash.


All who enroll receive a $300 VOUCHER / SAVINGS toward SuperCamp 2021*

Exploding Head on Apple iOS 13.3Mind. Blown. 

*Additional SuperCamp on-site program savings apply when you enroll by January 31, 2021. Ask us about our SuperCamp "NO RISK" Cancellation Policy for all December & January enrollees!
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Meet our distinguished advisory panel!

Bobbi DePorter

President of QLN, producing SuperCamp and Quantum Learning Education programs held in fourteen countries. Author of over a dozen books, Bobbi has delivered presentations to audiences worldwide.

Steve Snyder

Vistage International Speaker of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Award. Steve has given over 3000 presentations to global CEO groups.

Leigh Simmons

CEO and producer of music, television, and motion pictures. Leigh has worked side by side with Hollywood A-listers, Grammy-award-winning musicians, and World-renowned athletes.

Mark Reardon

Chief Architect of Learning and Quantum Learning Master Facilitator.
Author of multiple books and former teacher, principal, program designer, curriculum developer, and education consultant.

Awaken your possibilities with the power of choice

During these three days, you'll experience an exciting, transformational journey, and you'll come away with courage to be your best self, knowledge on how to take control of your actions, specific strategies on how to reach any goal you set, practices for a positive mindset, and a solid foundation of principles to live by in any situation. 

With this newfound level of self, you will be able to confidently put yourself out there to succeed. Whether that looks like standing out to get admitted to your dream university or starting your own business, there's no doubt that this experience will jumpstart your journey to success.

"The principal gave my daughter ample compliments on her communication skills, leadership, out-of-the-box thinking! She's doing dynamite in all of her classes even the ones she struggled with. We have no doubt that SuperCamp provided that transformation. 

It changed the trajectory of her personal and academic life."

A. Rogers

Three days to a more confident YOU.

This spectacular first-of-its-kind event will be held December 28, 29, and 30.

10 am to 12 pm Daily Pacific 

1 pm to 3 pm Daily Eastern

5 pm to 7 pm pm GMT

With an optional additional hour on day 3 for YOUtalk competition!

I'm SO there!

We know that thinking of the future for a high school student can be exciting, nerve-wracking, inspiring, anxiety-inducing, exhilarating, and now more than ever, full of uncertainties. 

You're not alone.

Like many students all over the world, you're coming face to face with the challenges that tomorrow brings. Whether you're unsure of your path or positive of your direction, you have put a lot of thought into what your future looks like.

Everyone wants to be successful which is our driving force of everything we do. While you want to find success by your own definition, do you have the exact tools and resources to get you there? 

That's where we come in! 

What's Included:

Breakout Sessions

Get to learn and interact with your lead facilitators at the beginning of each day to gain powerful skills, then break off into group sessions where you can dive deep, build rapport with other students, and implement your new material. 

Think Tank

These three days have a theme... YOU! Surround your brain with new skills and strategies on how to access your future goals and wants. Learn how to take that motivation and turn it into a compelling personal statement that will get you noticed for college admissions, applying for jobs, or starting your own business.

The YOUtalk After Party

We're bringing the journey to an end with you as the headliner! Put your new skills to use and share your story with a panel of distinguished advisors. They're ready to help you unlock your potential and watch your delivery with awesome prizes in hand. While optional, you won't want to miss out on this action!

"The facilitators are so amazing. They are such passionate, positive and encouraging people."

- SuperCampU participant

Meet Bobbi DePorter and see what SuperCamp is all about!

President and Co-founder of Quantum Learning Programs shares how SuperCamp has successfully impacted the lives of over 85,000 students worldwide.

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"There are literally no words. . . SuperCamp has changed my life in more ways than one. It has helped me to become the person I've strived to be my entire life. I'm not there yet, but I'm getting there. Tomorrow, it only gets better!"

B. Marquez

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3-Day Take a Stand for Your Greatness Journey

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  • 3 days of next-level learning led by SuperCamp facilitators
  • Access to never-before-released facilitation skills tailored for student delivery
  • A metaphorical tool belt of skills on how to craft your story and authentically present yourself
  • A chance to network and build rapport with students from around the world
  • A year-round community with other student participants to continue interaction with after the program
  • A chance at winning prizes with a total value of $4000!
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Take a Stand For Your Greatness

A 3-Day Experience to Discover What Sets You Apart